About Us

Sam Celly, MS, JD, CSP


Sam has been helping automobile dealers comply with EPA and OSHA regulations since 1987. Sam earned his Bachelor of Engineering (1984) and Master of Science (1986) in Chemical Engineering, followed by a Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law (1997). Sam started his career with KPA and became Director of Southern California Operations in 1988. In 1994 Sam left KPA to join Westates EHS as a partner. In 2001 Sam founded Celly Services, Inc. and has clients in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Washington, and Idaho.

Chris Mamoulelis, MPH, CSP

Vice President

Chris earned his Bachelor of Science (1997) and Master of Public Health (1999) in Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety from Loma Linda University. Chris started his career at Harbor- UCLA Research and Education Institute as a Safety Assistant in 2000. In 2003 Chris joined environmental health and safety department at Cedars Sinai Medical Center before joining Celly Services, Inc. in 2006. Chris became a partner in 2016.

Luke Ginger, MS

EPA/OSHA Compliance Consultant

Luke earned a Bachelor of Science (2012), and a Master of Science in Biology (2014) from Miami University. Luke started his career as a research assistant at The Field Museum in Chicago. In 2015, Luke started working for Field Environmental. Instruments sampling ground water in the LA area and Central Valley. Luke joined Celly Services Inc. in 2016.

Jim Unmack


Jim is a professional engineer and provides spill prevention control and countermeasures (SPCC) plans for automobile dealerships. Jim joined Sam Celly in 1997 providing technical assistance in environmental health and safety matters drawing upon 10 years of experience with Cal/OSHA and 20 years with USAF. Jim earned a BS in electrical engineering from the University of California Berkeley and MSEE from Santa Clara University. Jim is a fellow with the America Industrial Hygiene Association and a Board Certified Environmental Engineer.

Jane Rosen

Jane earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo (1985). Jane has extensive experience in designing and managing environmental assessment and compliance programs institutional, governmental, commercial, and industrial facilities. Jane joined Celly Services, Inc. in 2016 and works primarily in northwestern United States.

Our office is located in beautiful downtown Long Beach, CA