Programs & Services

1.Program Development: CSI facilitates the development of environmental health and safety programs:

a. Injury and Illness Prevention Program b. Hazard Communication c. Hazardous Material Management d. Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure e. Emergency Response and Evacuation Procedures f. Hazardous Waste Cost Recovery

2.Online Training: CSI provides clients with training materials compliant with the most recent laws and regulations. Our online training system makes it easy to monitor employee progress, and it automatically archives training records. Our training topics cover health and safety issues in all work environments (office, sales, shop, parts, detail).

3.Specialized Training: Some training topics require expert knowledge and certifications to implement. CSI is available to conduct training for employees on the following topics:

a. Hazard Communication b. Safety Data Sheets c. Injury and Illness Prevention Program d. Personal Protective Equipment e. Emergency Response f. DOT Hazardous Materials Shipping

4.Hazardous Material Management: CSI helps clients navigate hazardous material monitoring and management:

a. Help with reporting inventories and Spill Response plans to regulatory agencies b. Assist with environmental fee assessment c. Aid in monitoring hazardous waste disposal status d. Assist in developing Hazardous Waste Cost Recovery programs

5.Permits and Registrations: CSI assists clients with obtaining permits for equipment and with program registration. CSI also helps monitor the expiration dates for permits and certifications so that its clients can renew any permits and certifications when needed.

6.EPA/OSHA Inspections: Governmental agencies periodically conduct inspections of businesses. An inspection can happen at any time, however, most inspections are either routine or in response to an accident or complaint. CSI offers guidance for dealing with government inspections to ensure that clients comply in a timely manner.